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Chemistry: SF1 Departmental Safety Induction Thu 1 Oct 2020   00:00 Finished

The Departmental Advanced Safety Training covers basic induction training in how to work safely, including emergency arrangements for fire and evacuation, first aid and incidents including flood and gas leak. By attending, you are made aware of the Department’s Health and Safety Policy and your responsibilities under health and safety law. You will be introduced to the process required to prepare a risk assessment with standard operating procedure (SOP) or method statement, how to select the correct type of protective equipment (PPE) and why it needs to be worn, and reminded of the importance of good house keeping for reducing the likelihood of there being an incident. The hazards associated with display screen equipment (DSE) and manual handling are identified and the need to control them by a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risk is explained. Electrical safety and the requirement for annual Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is made clear.

  • Please note you will find this training on Moodle.
Chemistry: SF2 University Chemical Safety Training Tue 6 Oct 2020   00:00 Finished

Part of Induction Week

Advanced induction training for experimentalists introduces some of the department’s special chemical hazards including explosives, hydrogen fluoride and cyanide, and restricted chemicals, and illustrates the consequences of incorrect waste disposal. Experimentalists are made aware of the biological hazards in the department and how these are controlled with a suitable risk assessment, safety cabinets and the need for the appropriate inactivation method to be applied. Attendees are alerted to the hazards and damage caused by non-ionising radiation, glassware and sharps, oil baths and lifting equipment. The induction concludes by directing the experimentalist to compulsory University-provided specialist training courses, the requirement for fire awareness training and sources of Health and Safety information.

  • This training is will be available on Moodle.
Chemistry: SF4 Pressurised Gas & Cryogens Tue 6 Oct 2020   00:00 Finished

This course will cover safe storage and use of cryogens, safe use and stores of compressed gas, and aspects of oxygen depletion with respect to the above.

  • This training will be available on Moodle.
Chemistry: SF5 Introduction to Demonstrating Wed 9 Oct 2019   11:00 Finished

We view demonstrating to undergraduate students as a key part of postgraduate education.

Demonstrating is compulsory for 1st and 2d year postgraduate students with the right background (we do not wish to place anybody in the undergraduate laboratories for whom this would be inappropriate).

Demonstrating is also open to all MPhil, 3rd/4th year graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

Chemistry: FS8 Supervising Undergraduates Tue 1 Oct 2019   13:00 Finished

In this short talk we will cover what supervisions are, the role they play in Cambridge teaching, and how supervisors are recruited. We will then go on to look at how you can prepare for supervising, how you can conduct a supervision, and how to deal with common pitfalls.

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