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Theme: ADTIS: Academic Development & Training for International Students

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Abstracts, Introductions and Literature Reviews are common sections of academic papers and dissertations / theses. This workshop will introduce these three sections and explore how they frequently overlap. The workshop involves a video to watch and exercises to complete before an online Zoom workshop.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Cohesion in Academic Writing 2 Wed 3 Feb 2021   15:00 Finished

This workshop builds on topics covered in the first workshop on Cohesion last term. It introduces another technique for improving cohesion and analyzes excerpts from published journal articles for their cohesion. The workshop involves a video to watch and exercises to complete before an online Zoom workshop. Although attending the previous workshop is an advantage, it is not a prerequisite.

Across disciplines, academic writing uses a repertoire of patterns of language to organise and create coherent texts. Evidence from large databases (corpora) of academic writing shows us how grammar and vocabulary follow regular patterns to create clarity, appropriate information focus and argument structure. This is a practical workshop with tasks to complete before and during the Zoom workshop.

This workshop will focus on some sounds that speakers of Chinese often have problems with. There is nothing to do before the workshop.

This workshop continues the theme of Patterns and chunks in academic writing (1), looking at how writers signal the organisation of their texts using a repeated repertoire of language chunks. This is a practical workshop with tasks to complete before and during the Zoom workshop. Attendance at Patterns and chunks in academic writing (1) is not a prerequisite for attendance at this workshop.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Methodology and Results Wed 24 Feb 2021   15:00 Finished

Methodology and results are two very common chapters in academic papers and dissertations / theses, especially in scientific subjects. This workshop will focus mainly on linguistic aspects of these chapters. It involves a video to watch and exercises to complete before an online Zoom workshop. .

ADTIS In-Sessional - Business Writing Tue 2 Mar 2021   15:00 Finished

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to produce clear, concise and compelling documents in a professional setting. You’ll pick up techniques for quickly identifying, honing and communicating your key message — whether it’s for day-to-day emails, longer reports or a persuasive pitch.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Conclusions/Discussions Wed 3 Mar 2021   15:00 Finished

The final chapter of a dissertation / thesis can have various titles including ‘conclusion’ and ‘discussion’. This workshop looks at the typical contents of a final chapter and also cautious language (hedging), which is commonly found in a conclusion. It involves a video to watch and exercises to complete before an online Zoom workshop.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Presenting with Confidence Tue 9 Mar 2021   15:00 Finished

This workshop offers you a chance to give a short academic presentation over Zoom, and to receive feedback in a supportive and friendly environment. Please come along prepared to give a short presentation to the group (10 mins maximum), with or without PowerPoint.

ADTIS In-Sessional - How to Write with Clarity Tue 16 Mar 2021   15:00 Finished

Good academic writing should be clear, concise and coherent. This workshop looks at some common barriers to clarity in writing — and suggests strategies for overcoming them. There is a short exercise to complete before the workshop.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Revision and Exam Skills Wed 5 May 2021   11:30 Finished

The exams that take place towards the end of the academic year can sometimes seem threatening, perhaps more so given the current pandemic mitigations. They don’t have to. This workshop will look at ways to prepare efficiently and effectively in the run-up to exams, working on various aspects of the revision process all the way through to the exams themselves.

ADTIS In-Sessional - How to edit your own writing Fri 7 May 2021   11:00 Finished

The most effective writers are actually skilled self-editors. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to approach the editing process — and what to look for when improving your work. Please bring along a piece of work you’d like to edit.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Grammar focus: Prepositions Thu 29 Oct 2020   13:00 Finished

One of the key areas in which non-native speakers of English have difficulty attaining native-level accuracy is in the use of prepositions. Although this webinar does not pretend to give students all the answers, it will provide a number of ways to conceptualise the use of prepositions and hopefully clarify this complex area of grammar. Students will then be asked to complete some exercises online.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Vowels Wed 12 May 2021   11:00 Finished

For all non-native speakers of English, the pronunciation and production of vowels is one of the more complicated aspects of the spoken language. This workshop will give a brief introduction to the vowel system in English and offer students the chance to improve their grasp of this particular aspect.

ADTIS In-Sessional - How to be a Great Team Player Thu 13 May 2021   11:00 Finished

Are you contributing to a group project as part of your degree? Or looking to build on your skills as you prepare to enter the workplace? Either way, this workshop will offer strategies for communicating and collaborating effectively — so you and your team perform at your best.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Pronunciation for Slavic Speakers Wed 19 May 2021   11:00 Finished

This workshop offers a friendly forum in which speakers of Slavic languages can practise aspects of English pronunciation. The main focus will be on speakers of Eastern Slavic languages, in particular Russian, but speakers of all Slavic languages are welcome to attend.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Viva confidence Thu 20 May 2021   11:00 Finished

The prospect of a viva can be intimidating — but it needn’t be. In this workshop, we’ll look at how you can prepare for your viva so you can perform with confidence on the day.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Clarity in Academic Writing Mon 24 May 2021   11:00 Finished

It is important for academic writing to be both clear and concise. Academic papers must be coherent, easily readable, and should present ideas logically. This workshop considers a number of ways to develop clarity in your writing, including sentence structure, cohesive devices, and parallel structures.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Proof-reading Wed 26 May 2021   11:00 Finished

This workshop offers an introduction to various techniques for proof-reading a text, to try to ensure that it is as error-free and coherent as possible. It will also teach how to read and use basic proof-reading symbols.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Enhancing Your Academic Style Tue 1 Jun 2021   11:00 Finished

This session covers the basic principles of academic style. Learn how to make your writing more formal, persuasive, and precise, and how to use the passive voice and tentative language (hedging) to good effect.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Punctuation Wed 2 Jun 2021   15:00 Finished

Foreign students often get confused about punctuation in English, which is often different to punctuation in their first language. This workshop is a briefing about the most common uses of commas, colons, semicolons, apostrophes, hyphens, quotation marks and full stops: everything you ever wanted to know about punctuation but were afraid to ask.

When making presentations, both in academia and in the professional world, answering questions from your audience can often be rather daunting. In this workshop we consider strategies for preparing to answer questions, anticipate the kinds of questions which might be asked of us, and discuss how to set about making responses to those difficult questions for which we have no immediate answer.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Presentation Skills Practice Wed 9 Jun 2021   15:00 Finished

This workshop offers students the chance to give a short presentation, with or without PowerPoint. Its aim is to hone the skills required for an effective academic presentation, and to receive feedback in a supportive and friendly environment. A maximum 7 students only to present for up to 10 minutes each. Those wishing to present should please send a copy of their slides to Simon at at least an hour before the lesson to enable better feedback.

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