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Cancellation and Non-attendance

We ask that participants do not book on training courses unless they are sure they can attend. This includes online sessions hosted via Zoom.

Places are at a premium and reserving places by booking and then cancelling will penalise other participants on over-subscribed events and incur a cost to the University. However, we understand that in some instances cancellation may be for unavoidable reasons.

How to cancel your booking

We ask for at least 3 working days notification of booking cancellation in order to give others a chance to take up the available place. All non-attendees who fail to cancel before a course starts, will be charged irrespectively.

If you need to cancel your place, please do so as soon as possible.

If you have a Raven ID

  • Choose the relevant booking
  • Select Cancel booking
  • Select a reason for cancellation
  • Choose Cancel Booking

If you do not have a Raven ID, please contact us via e-mail with a reason for cancelling.

Repeat and late cancellers

If you are found to be repeatedly making cancellations less than 2 working days before an event, you may be contacted via your department and your supervisor, and we may refuse your attendance on future training courses.

Non-attendance of courses

Please note that non attendance (failing to attend without cancelling your booking) will result in a penalty of fee. This penalty will be applied to everybody, including graduate students from the University of Cambridge.

Administrative penalty charges will be charged back to your responsible department or you personally should your department refuse to pay.

All participants (including students) are subject to the administrative charge for non-attendance on any activity. To avoid this charge please ensure that you sign the attendance register at every in-person course. Attendance is taken via Zoom names on all online courses. Should you not be able to attend and would like to follow a course asynchronously, please contact us via email first so that we can make allowance for this.

If you repeatedly fail to attend courses you may be contacted via your department and your supervisor, and we may refuse your attendance on future training courses.

Please be aware that no-shows cause significant administrative work and prevents others from attending over-subscribed courses. Courses are at a premium so please treat them with due respect.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.