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Eligibility Criteria

University and Affiliated Institution Members

Bioinformatics courses are open to:

People from Cambridge University and Affiliated Institutions are given priority booking.

Please note: A charge applies to members of Affiliated Institutions. For Special Events, a charge may apply to all participants.

Non-members of the University

Everyone is welcome to attend training courses including the following non-members of the University and a charge will apply:

For guidance purposes only, this category includes:

  • Members of non-affiliated University institutions
  • Members of other Universities
  • Members of public and government bodies including NHS, Schools
  • Industry members

Some courses may be aimed at particular user groups. Always refer to the Target Audience section of a course description for specific information on who the course is aimed towards.

Please ensure you meet the target audience criteria and any specific prerequisites before registering for a course.

We reserve the right to cancel any ineligible bookings, with notification.