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Registration fees


Registered Graduate students from the University of Cambridge. Visiting students refer to concessionary charge.

Please note that a penalty fee will be applied to students who do not attend a course after making a booking and fail to cancel prior to the start of the course. This will be charged back to your responsible department, or you personally should your department refuse to pay. Please sign the in-person attendance register to verify your attendance.

Full charge

A full charge of £120 per participant per day applies to all industry and business participants.

Concessionary charge

A concessionary charge of £60 per participant per day applies to:

1. All Staff members from the University of Cambridge, including postdocs, temporary visitors (students and researchers).

Fees are recovered at Department or Institution level rather than individually.

Please note it remains the participant's responsibility to acquire prior approval from the relevant group leader, line manager or budget holder to attend the course. It is requested that people booking only do so with the agreement of the relevant party and if they can attend on the day, as costs will be charged back to your Lab Head or Group Supervisor.

Please note that fees still apply to staff who do not attend a course after making a booking and fail to cancel prior to the start of the course. Please sign the attendance register to verify your attendance.

2. All Graduate students, Postdocs and Staff members from other academic institutions, charities, public and government bodies.

Fees will be recovered on an individual basis and should be paid before attending the relevant course.

3. Members of the Francis Crick Institute, Babraham Institute, European Bioinformatics Institute, MRC-LMB, Quadram and The Norwich BioScience Institutes. Fees are recovered directly from your institution, however, if you wish you may pay upfront. Please contact us for more details or follow the options below.

Special Charged Events

From time-to-time Special Events and Summer Schools are hosted at the training facility. All Participants are subject to the full or academic concessionary charge (including students) as indicated on the relevant event page. Bookings are subject to the appropriate charge being paid prior to a place being confirmed.

How to Pay

Payment options will be provided on booking confirmation emails received after bookings are made.

There are two options for payment.

  • Using the online payment system which can be accessed via an email link sent on your confirmation email. You will need a debit/credit card to complete the payment. A University of Cambridge receipt will be emailed on completion of payment. Separate invoices cannot be issued for this method of payment.
  • If your University Institution is paying on your behalf, then you can request an invoice to be sent directly by emailing a purchase order addressed to University of Cambridge, Department of Genetics, Downing Site, Downing Street, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 3EH. Please note vat is not charged on our courses. Further details provided on booking confirmation email.