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You must book a place for each SSRMP module that you attend.

How to book

  • Members of Cambridge University or its constituent Colleges should book via the University's online system (UTBS). You can access the UTBS via the timetable, courses or themes tabs on this page, or via the SSRMP website. You will need a Raven account to make your booking; see below if you don't yet have one.
  • If your booking is successful, you will receive an email confirming the booking and giving joining instructions.
  • If the module is fully booked, you will be placed on a waiting list; you will be notified later if a place becomes available.
  • There are separate booking arrangements for modules in our Basic Statistics Stream (FiAS, BQA, DMA, and FTMA). Please request bookings for these modules via the dedicated Booking Request Form.
  • External participants should book using the External Participants portal.

If you have any queries contact the team.

Raven accounts

  • You will need a University of Cambridge Raven account to book a place using the UTBS. If you are affiliated to the University or one of its Colleges and do not have a Raven account, please contact University Information Services (UIS).
  • Participants without a Raven account should book using the External Participants portal.