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Athena SWAN Support Session new Tue 4 Dec 2018   09:30 Finished

To support our departments working towards Bronze and Silver Athena SWAN awards, this session will provide in-depth help with the different aspects of applying.

E&D team members will cover data collection, analysis and presentation and action planning including examples of best practice across the University and troubleshooting common problems.

Athena SWAN Support Session new Thu 1 Nov 2018   11:30 Finished

To support our departments working towards Bronze and Silver Athena SWAN awards, this session will provide in-depth help with the different aspects of applying.

E&D team members will cover data collection, analysis and presentation and action planning including examples of best practice across the University and troubleshooting common problems.

Changing Mindset new Tue 16 Oct 2018   12:00 Finished

Based on the book Learn to Love Stress by Sara Hansen, this session will allow you to identify your mindset and use it to overcome stress, make personal changes, and improve your life at work and home.

Conversations on Career Progression and Race new Wed 7 Nov 2018   12:00 Finished

Our speakers Kusam Leal, Deputy School Secretary in the School of Physical Sciences, and Ricardo Rocha, early career conservation scientist, will talk about their career experience in academia and beyond, the challenges faced and strategies of dealing with them.

It will be an opportunity to discuss ideas and suggestions that might help others in the same situation.

Equality & Diversity Essentials Self-taught Bookable
  • This module introduces Equality & Diversity at the University

Join Rachel Krys, Co-Director, End Violence Against Women to discuss current issues around sexual harassment and the challenges that wider cultural attitudes bring to issues of tackling abuse against women and girls.

Tackling sexual harassment and sexual violence – what has #MeToo achieved?

In the year #MeToo became a global phenomenon, with women in many countries speaking out sometimes for the first time about sexual harassment and sexual violence, are we seeing progress? Are our institutions prepared to make the changes needed to prevent and properly respond to sexual violence? Is our justice system fit for purpose and able to deliver justice? Are the powerful still able to act with impunity and use the system to silence their victims?

Rachel Krys, co-director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, will talk about her experience of campaigning to end sexual violence in the last year. Sharing the latest findings from new research into attitudes which reinforce victim blaming and allow rapists off the hook, Rachel will talk about the progress being made and the challenges which remain.

Rachel Krys Biography

Rachel Krys is co-Director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, a UK-wide coalition of women’s organisations working to end all forms of violence against women and girls, including domestic and sexual violence, forced marriage, FGM, trafficking, abuse related to prostitution, stalking, sexual harassment and more. The Coalition lobbies national and local government to improve its policy and practice in these areas (from criminal justice to welfare, education and health). EVAW’s campaigning for better prevention and response includes commentating in the media and using strategic litigation to challenge inequality and barriers to justice. EVAW successfully intervened in the Supreme Court challenge to the Metropolitan Police in their handling of the investigation of the rapist John Worboys, and has played a significant role in campaigning for a Whole School Approach to tackling sexual violence and harassment, including calling for statutory relationships and sex education. EVAW and members are currently campaigning for an end to end review of how the criminal justice system responds to sexual violence crimes.

Previously, Rachel worked for 15 years with employers, campaigning for inclusive workplaces and tackling discrimination at work. Most recently Rachel was part of the team which set up Equally Ours, a strategic communications campaign working to reframe the conversation about equality and human rights in the UK.

Let’s Talk About Race new Wed 17 Oct 2018   12:30 Finished

During this event we will share what we know about the racial composition of the University and what staff and students have told us about their experiences.

We will present the institutional action plan to improve racial equality at Cambridge and will seek your feedback.

The Vice-Chancellor will also reflect on the University’s aspirations and the way forward towards a more inclusive University.

A light lunch will be provided from 12noon.

SAP Forum new Thu 11 Oct 2018   15:30 Finished

Senior Academic Promotions (SAP) Open Forum

Hosted by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Institutional and International Relations, Professor Eilís Ferran, this session will provide an overview of the University's Senior Academic Promotions (SAP) procedure, highlight the main changes to the process, provide an overview of the SAP CV Scheme and address some common misconceptions.

Trans Awareness new Wed 21 Nov 2018   12:30 Finished

This session will set the wider context for Trans identities, provide greater understanding of the experience of Trans people and explore uses of language and key terms such as cisgender, non-binary and transgender, all in a safe supportive environment. 

Understanding Unconscious Bias Self-taught Bookable
  • This module introduces Unconscious Bias and the impact it can have
WellCAM: Come and Sing new Wed 19 Dec 2018   13:00   [More dates...] [Places]

Singing is great fun and a brilliant way to boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

Come and spend a lunchtime in the University Church singing a 'seasonal repertoire'.

Experience and talent is not a pre-requisite, however, a sense of fun is!

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Wed 12 Dec 2018 12:00 [Full]

This event explores the experiences of managers within the University who support their teams to work flexibly. You will hear how flexible and agile working practices can mutually benefit both employee and employer.

WellCam: How to Sleep new Wed 24 Jan 2018   12:30 Finished

This event will highlight the importance of sleep for health and wellbeing and teach essential tools to achieve great quality sleep on a regular basis.

The aim of the session, led by Nest Coaching, is to provide the attendees with a greater understanding of coaching, its application, its benefits and results. It will:

  • Outline the differences between therapy, counselling and coaching
  • Demonstrate how coaching can be used purposefully and positively in people’s lives, both inside and outside the workplace
  • Provide an opportunity to experience some of the techniques used in coaching practice
  • Explore real case study examples where coaching has been successful in a variety of settings

By the end of the workshop, you will also understand why focusing on your strengths and recognising your emotions will help you strive, flourish and perform better in the workplace and at home.

Programme outline

12.00 – 12.10 Introduction to coaching

12.10 – 12.35 Coaching exercises

12.35 – 12.45 Case examples

12.45 – 13.00 Close Questions

Coaching for Confidence at Work and Home

Managing work, life and family can be challenging.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand to take the next step towards our goals. Whether you need support to deal with the stresses of life, being a parent or working through your career choices, our expert coaching team is here to help.

Our focus on Nurturing, Empowering, Supporting and Training will move you forward, so you become fulfilled at home and at work.

WellCam: Master Time and Focus new Wed 25 Apr 2018   12:30 Finished

To learn the techniques set out in the briefing, to understand the neuroscience and acknowledge which of our current habits help us and which hinder us. Overall, to feel confident about what we need to change and how we can change it.

WellCam: Mental Health and the Workplace new Mon 20 Nov 2017   12:30 Finished

The session will provide an insight into the extent of anxiety, stress and depression in workplaces today.

WellCam: Positive Thinking and Meditation new Wed 7 Feb 2018   12:30 Finished

A session providing a brief introduction to meditation and how to access the deep reservoir of positive qualities that are in all of us. The meditation process can help support your general wellbeing and develop your thinking to its full potential. The session will include short meditations as well as a chance for discussion and questions.

WellCam: Presentation Skills new Mon 12 Mar 2018   12:30 Finished

The briefing will focus on effective presentation techniques to ensure a positive impact and hold the attention of an audience in a variety of settings, including in an academic environment.

In this 1 hour session participants will:

  • learn how the quality of our relationships is the biggest influencing factor on our physical and mental wellbeing - latest research
  • practice a technique to help you cope and recover with stressful thoughts - improve relationship with ourselves
  • learn how relationships are impacted by phone and internet and simple steps to navigate this challenge
  • plan to take one action in the next 24 hours to strengthen a relationship important to you

The Benefits:

  • Manage difficult thoughts more effectively to reduce distraction and feel calmer.
  • Create a little space each day for a high quality pause to develop self awareness and perspective.
  • Learn some simple ways to strengthen relationships.
  • Understand how nurturing relationships improves our physical and mental wellbeing.

Enhance focus, reduce stress and strengthen resilience. All techniques proven by science.

The session will be delivered by Sam Thorogood. He combines proven neuroscience and mindfulness based techniques into useful daily habits.

You can read about him here His clients include: ARM, Amnesty, Addenbrookes, CRUK, RHS, RSC.

WellCam: Stress and Resilience new Wed 21 Feb 2018   12:30 Finished

This short session will provide information and advice on stress awareness and management in relation to workplace and personal factors.

WellCAM: Stress in the workplace new Thu 6 Dec 2018   12:45 Finished

This session is suitable for those who wish to learn more about stress management at work, how to differentiate between helpful and unhelpful forms of stress and learn to identify their own personal work based sources of stress and triggers.


An opportunity to learn more about what happens in the body when we are stressed and the common symptoms that can occur. 
Time to think about and focus on relationships at work and how we might navigate those when they too become a source of stress

WellCAM: Supporting Disabled Staff in the Workplace new Thu 7 Jun 2018   12:00 Finished

This session will explore how we can foster an environment which supports disabled staff. This will include an investigation of the attitudinal elements that effective mangers and colleagues can demonstrate as well as highlighting how to navigate reasonable adjustments.

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