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Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity course timetable


Fri 22 Feb – Wed 22 May

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February 2019

Tue 26
WellCAM: Positive Thinking and Meditation new [Full] 12:00 - 12:45 Department of Physics, Maxwell Centre, JJ Thomson Seminar Room (Floor 2)

A session by InnerSpace introducing meditation and how to access the deep reservoir of positive qualities that are in all of us.

Meditation can support general wellbeing and develop thinking to its full potential.

The session will include short meditations and a chance for discussion and questions.

Thu 28
Finding Your Feet: Returning To Work After Family Leave new [Places] 12:00 - 13:00 16 Mill Lane, Office of Post-Doctoral Affairs, Eastwood Room

Coming back into the workplace after a few months off is hard at the best of times, but combined with new caring responsibilities and sleep deprivation, it can feel like a huge step.

In partnership with My Family Care, this session will signpost tools and tactics for getting back to work, building confidence and balancing career and family.

March 2019

Tue 5
WellCAM: Good Mood Food: Eating for Optimum Mental Health new [Places] 12:00 - 13:00 Clinical School, Lecture Theatre 2

Scientists have now a proven link between what we eat and how we feel.

Rachel Kelly, journalist, author and mental health campaigner, will share research findings on what to eat for optimum mental health; recipes to boost your mood, keep you calm and help you sleep; and easy, practical ideas to take home to fit into a busy modern lifestyle.

Wed 6

European led initiatives have undoubtedly changed the nature of equality policies in the Member States. Women in the UK have benefited greatly from membership of the EU/EEC; thus, looking at Brexit as a process provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the relationship, and patterns of influence, between European and national legislation. For this year's Lecture, we warmly welcome Roberta Guerrina, Professor of Politics at the University of Surrey and expert in EU gender politics and policies.

Professor Guerrina is interested in understanding the impact of gender (hierarchies) on key policy areas traditionally seen as gender neutral, such as Brexit, Security and Defence. Currently, she is working on the unintended gender consequences of the UK's withdrawal from the EU. She has published in the area of Brexit; Women, Peace & Security; work-life balance; Identity politics and the idea of Europe. She is also Jean Monnet Chair and co-founder of the UACES funded collaborative research network "Gendering EU Studies".

She co-authored one of the leading articles on the gendered impact of the UK's withdrawal from the EU: "Walking in the Shadow of EU Law" (with Annick Masselot) and during this talk she will explore the gendered nature of the process of withdrawing from the European Union.

Wed 13
Understanding Implicit Bias new [Places] 12:30 - 13:30 Cambridge University Library, Milstein Room

Implicit biases can impact on the decisions we make and how we interact with colleagues and students, but what can we do to mitigate them?

This session builds on the Implicit Bias online module and will look at what practical steps can be taken to address implicit biases in the workplace.

Tue 19
Athena SWAN: SMART Action Planning new [Places] 12:00 - 14:00 8 Mill Lane, Lecture Room 4

This workshop will help Departments to develop appropriate actions for the issues identified in the self-assessment process, and to make action plans SMART and effective tools for achieving gender balance.

Thu 28
WellCAM: Stress in the Workplace new [Full] 12:45 - 13:45 Staff Counselling Service

This session is suitable for those who wish to learn more about stress management at work, how to differentiate between helpful and unhelpful forms of stress and learn to identify their own personal work based sources of stress and triggers.


An opportunity to learn more about what happens in the body when we are stressed and the common symptoms that can occur. 
Time to think about and focus on relationships at work and how we might navigate those when they too become a source of stress

May 2019

Wed 22
Trans Awareness new [Places] 12:00 - 13:00 Cambridge University Library, Milstein Room

This session will set the wider context for trans identities, provide greater understanding of the experience of trans people and explore uses of language and key terms such as cisgender, non-binary and transgender, all in a safe supportive environment.