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Eligibility Criteria

Personal and Professional Development courses are primarily provided for employees on the University payroll. The course descriptions give details regarding who each course is intended for.

Certain courses are also open to people who are not on the University payroll, but who are members of the specific groups listed below. Where this is the case, the name of the specific group will be clearly stated in the course description under the heading ‘Target Audience’.

If you are a member of one of the specific groups below and it is not listed in the 'Target Audience' for a course, you are not eligible to attend.

We reserve the right to cancel any ineligible bookings made. You will be informed by email if any of your bookings are cancelled for this reason.

Below are listed those courses, or groups of courses, which are available to specific groups:

Teaching staff in Colleges and Non-University Teaching Institutions

Non-teaching staff in Colleges


  • Transferable skills courses offered by the Researcher Development Programme, provided that ‘postdocs’ is stated in the course description under the heading ‘Target Audience’.
  • Anyone who teaches or who is involved in admissions interviewing may attend relevant training listed under the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning.
  • In addition, University staff are entitled to book any course offered by PPD, provided that they meet any additional eligibility criteria specified in the course description.

If you are not sure whether you count as University staff:

  • This is not a question of who sponsors your research, but whether that payment is processed through the University: researchers on the University payroll are considered to be University staff. If you are not sure about your status, please check who issues your payslip and/or ask your departmental administrator for guidance. For further advice, please contact your relevant HR Adviser
  • Postdocs/Research staff who are not employed by the University may contact us to book a place 3 days before any PPD/RDP course, where the course is showing that places remain.

Graduate students

The Researcher Development Programme courses are aimed at this group. However, graduate students are eligible to attend the following PPD courses:

Temporary Employee Service (TES) temporary workers

Please note that temporary workers are not eligible to attend Personal and Professional Development courses.