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An Introduction to Research Data Management (Online) new Fri 28 Jan 2022   12:00 [Places]

An Introduction to Research Data Management Skills with Dr Curtis Sharma

Simply put, research data is anything that helps to eventually form the basis of your research output. The integrity of our research outputs therefore depends on the integrity of our data. This is one reason why Increased importance is being placed on research data management (RDM). Managing your research data well brings other benefits, however. It helps in structuring your research project, keeping your data safe and secure, making it easier to share data during and after your project, and it is simply good academic practice. In these sessions we will explore what we mean by RDM, looking at storage and backup, organisation, archiving, and sharing. In the first session we will work to achieve a strong basic understanding of RDM. In the second session, we’ll look at these in more detail. 

The Qualitative Researcher new Fri 11 Feb 2022   12:00   [More dates...] [Places]

What does it mean to research qualitatively in the context of the “researched”? When and how does qualitative research come to matter? Why should research methods and tools be socially-relevant? How can we, as researchers and academics, ensure our tools of inquiry are contextually responsive? These are some of the questions raised and deliberated upon in this session aiming to disrupt normative frameworks of inquiry and essentialising tendencies of dominant hegemonies.

Format: Dr Pallawi Sinha will deliver a 30 minute seminar for all students. There will be a short break and then a 45 minute group work session at which we invite students who wish to engage and actively participate.

This is part of a 21st Century Researcher Series focusing on four themes: Qualitative, Informed, Ethical and Reflexive

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Fri 4 Mar 2022 12:00 [Places]
Fri 8 Apr 2022 12:00 [Places]