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Successfully managing upwards depends on your confidence, diplomacy and influencing skills.

This workshop will empower you to handle tricky situations with your manager or colleagues:

  • Benefits of ‘managing up’, what’s in it for you and them?
  • Agreeing priorities and setting realistic expectations and boundaries
  • Influencing when you don’t have authority
  • Getting clarity on delegated work and appreciating the difficulties colleagues may be facing
  • Challenging decisions in a way that is solutions-focussed and enables an open two-way discussion

You will also learn how to adapt to different personal styles in order to build an effective working relationship and understand how different drivers and motivators may affect someone else’s thinking, (why do they do that?).

The joint induction aims to provide a broad introduction and overview to all development and alumni relations staff, providing information about the ins and outs of Collegiate Cambridge, as it relates to our area of work. It is also an opportunity for you to network with other new members of staff across the collegiate community.

The session comprises:

  • A welcome and introduction from senior members of the University and Colleges
  • An overview of development and alumni relations functions, roles and responsibilities, with an opportunity to ask questions
  • An opportunity to network with colleagues across Collegiate Cambridge

Microsoft Excel is great for storing and organising your data, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating to find the information you need.

This workshop will show you how to use Excel's powerful tools to quickly retrieve, view and summarise information in numerous ways.

We will cover:

  • Ensuring accurate data entry with data validation
  • Time-saving filters
  • Visually explore and analyse data using conditional formatting
  • Create interactive filters in PivotTables
  • Present your information as a chart
  • Dos and don'ts when working with data
  • Time-saving tricks and shortcuts

The course includes access to a month's free support on any of the topics covered.

Microsoft Excel has lots of underutilised features that can help to save time and improve productivity. The primary objective of this workshop is to show you how to use these features and to demonstrate their effectiveness, challenging you to do things differently.

We will cover:

  • Working with Formulas and Functions
  • Save time and apply Formulas and Functions to your everyday tasks
  • Search for a value in one place and insert it in another using lookup functions
  • Avoid the 'pitfalls' of relative cell references
  • Test certain conditions and return one of two entries
  • Work with named cells to work faster and smarter with your formulas
  • Managing large workbooks
  • Trace and audit formulas in a worksheet
  • Create a simple dashboard
  • Produce summary reports from different worksheets
  • Merge data from multiple users by linking workbooks

The course includes access to a month's free support on any of the topics covered.

Psychological Safety – we have heard the term, but what does it mean on a practical level?

In this focused workshop we will bring the term to life – exploring what it means, and most importantly, sharing practical ideas of how we can each promote a culture where we each feel safe to be ourselves, safe to fully contribute and feel valued. We will focus on two key areas – Psychological Safety (feeling safe to put oneself at risk) and Psychological Standing (feeling entitled to speak up and to act).

Pearn Kandola has worked with organisations for nearly 40 years to promote inclusive and high performance cultures. In addition to working with Higher Education, they draw on their experience of working across a range of sectors in the UK and internationally.

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