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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Cambridge University Library Staff Learning & Development

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Cambridge University Libraries Staff : Riding the Waves; Managing Teams Through Change & Uncertainty


Many managers attempt to ‘project manage’ their way through change, deal with uncertainty when it happens or try and ignore it altogether. Such managers then seem surprised by the backlash and resistance they get from their staff! Most managers would like change to be easier and less time consuming. Most managers would like to plan effectively even in times of uncertainty.

This workshop will give you a range of practical and thought-provoking tools, tips and techniques to help you lead and facilitate changes more effectively

Target audience

Cambridge University Libraries Managers


Learn more about how to:

  • Engage your team throughout the process of change
  • Maintain business productivity and performance in times of uncertainty
  • Prevent, handle and utilise potential resistance to organisational change
  • Identify staff who are struggling and help them to stay on top of things



Refreshments will be available morning and afternoon but lunch will not be provided. A water cooler is available nearby to fill your own bottle. Please bring a notepad and pen.


one day

Cambridge University Libraries Staff : Change

Events available