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Bioinformatics: Protein Databases and Tools at EMBL-EBI beginners prerequisites new 

Provided by: GSLS

Mon 21 Oct 2013  –  Department of Genetics, Room G12

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Description: In this session we will introduce the major protein databases available from the EBI. The use of the UniProtKB database will be especially considered. Further information for this session is available here.

This session is one of a series of short introductions to EBI Services, run together, but bookable separately (see Related Courses section below).

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Target audience:

Duration: 0.5


Number of sessions: 1

Date Time Venue Trainer
Mon 21 Oct 13:30 - 17:00 Department of Genetics, Room G12 Duncan Legge ,  Amaia Sangrador

Format: Presentations, demonstrations and practicals

Frequency: A number of times per year


  • Basic computing skills
  • Graduate level in Life Sciences


  • Appreciate the differences between the major protein sequence databases
  • Browse the UniProt database in detail, learning about its structure and the type of data it contains
  • Select the most appropriate way to access sequence data for a specific purpose (sequence search, text search...)

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