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University Information Services - Staff Learning & Development course timetable


Wed 29 Nov 2023 – Wed 24 Apr

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[ No events on Wed 29 Nov 2023 ]

November 2023

Thu 30
Content Community:Content team show and tell new Finished 13:00 - 14:00 UIS Online Courses - instructor-led

During the summer the UIS content design team worked with the team in the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre to refresh their website.

During this session find out how we reduced, reorganised and rewrote the website to create a new user experience.

We’ll tell you about the tricky aspects of the project, the successes and the things we’d do differently next time.

And of course we’ll answer your questions on how you can use these approaches too.

December 2023

Sat 2

As part of the UIS Wellbeing initiative, we are very pleased to invite Hisham Ziauddeen a Clinical Senior Research Associate in the Department of Psychiatry and the University’s Wellbeing and Disability Champion to deliver a talk on 'Optimising Brain Functioning'. He is a consultant psychiatrist working in early intervention in psychosis.

He will talk about how we model our minds and how we manage the cost of mental functioning. He will particularly discuss the impact of work and other stress and the phenomenon of burnout. These are complex problems that have got even more complex with COVID-19 and they don’t have simple solutions but there are some ways we can ease them.

The 4 March is University Mental Health Day which aims to bring together the university community to make mental health a university-wide priority and create ongoing year round change to the future of our mental health. Now more than ever it's important to get the nation talking about our mental health.

Both staff and students are welcome to join the live event.

Tue 5

Phoenix Software are University partners for Microsoft and also work with a portfolio of other vendors, including in the Security Data Protection fields. Phoenix will provide a brief overview of the areas and vendors they cover.

They also are partners for Microsoft and other providers of options for virtualising more of the IT environment, whether locally or in private and public cloud systems.

Among the areas of increasing significance is the flexibility of software-defined storage (SDS) and software-defined networking (SDN), both of which are key aspects of working with virtual machines and cloud-based systems - and an overview of these will be included.

  • 14:15 – Vendor/Solutions Overview
  • 14:30 – Storage/Connectivity Overview
  • 14:50 – Q&A
  • 15:00 – Close
Wed 6

A workshop exclusively for UIS colleagues who have been nominated to be buddies to support our new joiners.

January 2024

Mon 29
Content Community:writing content workshop new Finished 11:00 - 12:00 UIS Online Courses - instructor-led

During this session, you'll practice the skills we use in our content design work that you can use when creating or editing your website.

We'll provide sample content for you to re-write, so you only need to attend. You'll have a go in small groups in break-out rooms. Each one will have a content designer on hand to help.

Spaces are limited, to ensure that everyone is able to participate in the small-group activity, so please book as soon as possible.

February 2024

Wed 7
  • A discussion-style session with a brief overview of how IT works in the University of Cambridge, what is expected of an IT professional working within a College, Department or other University Institution, and what resources are available for you.
  • Provided for any (relatively) new IT staff (or those who may have missed this).
  • The session will also introduce opportunities to network with other University IT professionals, and key contacts for supporting IT staff.
Tue 13
Informal coffee morning session: For Mentees new Finished 11:00 - 11:30 UIS Online Courses - instructor-led

Join us for our monthly 30-minute coffee morning session! It's a safe space for mentees to clarify doubts, share best practices, resources, and receive ongoing support to enhance their mentoring relationships. Grab your coffee or tea, connect with fellow mentees, and let's grow together.

Thu 15
Informal coffee morning session: For Mentors new Finished 11:00 - 11:30 UIS Online Courses - instructor-led

Join us for our monthly 30-minute coffee morning session! It's a safe space for mentors to clarify doubts, share best practices, and resources, and receive ongoing support to enhance their mentoring relationships. Grab your coffee or tea, connect with fellow mentors, and let's grow together.

Thu 29
Content Community: Accessible social media new Finished 10:30 - 11:30 UIS Online Courses - instructor-led

During this session, find out about accessibility best practices for content on social media.

Content on all the University's channels needs to be accessible, whether it's on a website, social media or paper.

Our speaker this month, SJ Ng, is part of the team that manages the University's central social media accounts. She'll talk about best practices to follow so that your content is accessible to as wide an audience as possible. The formats covered will include images, videos and audio.

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

March 2024

Wed 6
  • An invitation to try out an AI LLM (Large Language Model) proof-of-concept search system
  • UIS worked with an AI company to apply Retrieval-Augmented Generation to the University web presence
  • A limited pilot (public UIS, UAS pages) has made interesting discoveries about University material
  • We aim to broaden the pilot to departmental and collegiate public web pages
  • We will be seeking volunteer institutions to permit access to their public sites
  • We will be opening the POC (proof-of-concept) to additional testing
Tue 26
UIS Learning and Development: Speed mentoring session #8 new [Places] 11:30 - 12:30 UIS Online Courses - instructor-led

UIS is offering everyone the chance to join a virtual speed mentoring event. This dynamic learning and networking activity will provide the opportunity to speak to some of UIS’ senior leaders and managers from diverse disciplines.

UIS mentors involved with the event:

  • Ian Leslie - Director
  • Chris Russell – Chief Operating Officer
  • Gabby Ahmadi Assalemi – Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
  • David Marshall – User Research & Data Science Team Lead
  • Annie Horner – Sr. Delivery Manager
  • Simon Redhead - Systems Development manager

April 2024

Wed 24
Coaching approach for line managers new [Places] 09:30 - 13:30 Online

This online workshop is tailored for line managers and aspiring managers, to empower them to unlock their full potential and enhance both individual and team performance. Through participation, you'll elevate team dynamics, nurture individual growth, and foster a culture of collaboration and accountability.

You will be introduced to the techniques of coaching and focus on the development of a range of skills that may be used to coach others effectively.

This course is highly interactive and will include the opportunity to practice your coaching skills in a safe space.