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Terms and Conditions

So that we are able to organise courses, programmes and events smoothly and efficiently, before you attend we ask you to undertake the following:

  • to make a booking and await confirmation in advance, unless the event details state explicitly that no booking is required
  • to check eligibility requirements and only to request bookings for courses, programmes or events for which you are eligible. We reserve the right to cancel any ineligible bookings made
  • if appropriate, to gain agreement from your department or manager that you may take time to attend a course, programme or event
  • to read the event outline and to undertake any preparation that is required
  • to cancel a booking in advance of an event, if you will no longer be able to attend. We reserve the right to refuse to offer places to repeat late cancellers and non-attenders at the our discretion
  • to understand that where places on waiting lists are in high demand, and where you are not able to respond to an offer of a place within one working day, we may offer the place to the next person on the waiting list
  • to arrive prior to the advertised start time, so that the event may commence promptly
  • We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions as and when appropriate

Please contact us with any queries regarding these terms and conditions