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Immigration Info Session for Postdocs Tue 22 Feb 2022   11:00 [Places]

With ever developing complexities in the UK’s immigration system, Graeme Ross, the University’s Head of Immigration for staff matters, conducts termly briefing sessions for non-UK postdocs holding UK visas. These commonly cover the ‘basic’ work visas, such as Skilled Worker and Global Talent, and how to switch into or extend these in order to remain in the UK. However additional guidance on applications for dependents and Indefinite Leave to Remain/Settlement is also covered. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about other immigration matters; not all of these may be answered on the day but would be followed up individually as needed.

Networks to Collaborate in Cambridge Event new Tue 30 Nov 2021   12:30 [Places]

“At Cambridge, we recognise that world-leading research depends on the connections researchers make to share ideas, pose new questions, challenge assumptions and form collaborations.”

Cambridge has a range of networks to promote interdisciplinary working and connect researchers across the university. These networks provide a range of opportunities for postdocs, from meeting new people and establishing collaborations, to developing and funding their own interdisciplinary projects. We have created this event to give postdocs a chance to find out about the importance of interdisciplinary research at Cambridge and the lively network of cross-School initiatives at the University.

For further information please see the short video: What impact will your next connection have?

Speakers: This event will be chaired by the Postdoc Academy Researcher Development team. There will be a general presentation introducing all of the SRNs/IRCs followed by individual presentations from Stephanie Norwood (Synthetic Biology IRC), Maria Bargues Ribera (Cambridge Infectious Diseases), Margarida Dias Rodrigues (Centre for Physical Biology), Francesca Re Manning (Global Food Security IRC ), and Sara Serradas O’Holleran (Global Challenges SRI). We will also be joined by postdocs who will talk about their experiences with these groups. Presentations will last for around 40 mins total with an opportunity for Q&A for the final 20 mins.

Pensions Explained for Postdocs Wed 2 Feb 2022   09:30 [Places]

In this session, you will learn about:

  • The State Pension system in the UK
  • Private Pensions in the UK
  • The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS)

The session will be delivered by Head of Group Pensions at the University of Cambridge, and there will be ample opportunity for asking questions.

Postdoc Drop-In Sessions: Q&A about the services new Tue 7 Dec 2021   12:00 [Places]

Postdoc drop-in sessions offer the opportunity for postdocs to come together, hear about the services that offer support for the postdocs' professional and personal development, and learn from one another in a safe space.

The sessions are informal and designed to offer people the chance to share their experiences and challenges. Participants are encouraged to continue conversations and network with their fellow participants.

Postdoc Hot-desking @ Eddington new Tue 30 Nov 2021   09:00   [More dates...] [Places]

The Postdoc Academy is reopening its hot-desking space to postdocs on a trial basis, at our quiet working space at the Postdoc Centre, Eddington. Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we look to reopen this facility in a safe manner alongside our team returning to the workplace.

Please read the below notes carefully before booking:

  • Before booking a hot-desking space at Eddington, please complete the short online induction form here: (Any previous inductions completed for the Postdoc Centre @ Eddington are no longer valid)

  • Postdocs can book one of four hot-desks available, in 1hr 45 minute slots
  • Postdocs can book a maximum of two time slots per day
  • Time slots for the next week's sessions are released for booking on Wednesdays, at approximately 3pm
  • The days on which hot-desking is available may vary week by week
  • Your booking will be checked by a member of our team before approval, and you will then be sent a confirmation email containing any further information needed
  • Please book your session at least one working day in advance

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Thu 2 Dec 2021 13:00 [Places]
Postdoc Masterclass: Imposter Syndrome new Fri 3 Dec 2021   10:30 [Places]

If you have ever doubted your ability or thought "I just got lucky this time", “I worry that others will discover how little I know” or “I only got that praise because people were being kind", this is an indication that you have experienced Imposter Syndrome. The imposter voice is one of many that come from our ‘inner critic’ and is very common amongst researchers. It presents itself as a feeling of inadequacy that persists even in the face of evidence that the opposite is true. It is frequently experienced, often by high-performing people, as a feeling of self-doubt and intellectual fraudulence. The good news is that it is completely normal, and sometimes even useful! The bad news is that it may result in you missing out on opportunities or creating the wrong impression with others. During this short masterclass you will: Understand where imposter syndrome comes from and why we have it, reflect on where and how your inner critic might limit your progress, learn of some different approaches for managing your inner critic and imposter feelings.

The speaker: This session will be presented by Dr Tracey Stead, a leadership coach and facilitator specialising in working with researchers.

Be sure to check out the other sessions in our Postdocs Masterclass series in the "Related Courses" section below!

Do you get the results you want from your communication with others at work? Are you able to talk with confidence in meetings and interviews? Do you have a high level of impact when speaking in public?

This individually focused and completely confidential one-to-one coaching session will help you refine your presentation skills, help you speak more confidently as an emerging leader in your research field, and develop new approaches to your communication in a wide range of professional situations.

Constructive feedback will give you insight into your speaking style, how you come across to others, and how well your ideas are communicated. Coaching will focus on your individual requirements ranging from practical points about elocution and vocal projection, to holding the attention of a room, to structuring a compelling presentation.

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Thu 24 Mar 2022 15:30 [Places]
Postdocs: Researcher Development 1:1 new Tue 30 Nov 2021   09:30   [More dates...] [Full]

The postdoc RD team offer one-to-one meetings online for all postdocs. These meetings will be tailored to your individual needs and provide an opportunity to consider and discuss a variety of topics relating to learning, skills and personal development. This is not an exhaustive list but areas for discussion could include:

Managing your time whilst working from home

Collaborating effectively

Maintaining resilience and coping strategies

Reflecting on and identifying your key areas for development

Each meeting will last for up to 45 minutes and will be conducted online using MS Teams.

Please Note: If you wish to discuss your career options specifically then, in the first instance, we advise that you look at the Postdoc Careers Service website for further information:

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Date Availability
Wed 8 Dec 2021 13:00 CANCELLED
Postdoc Welcome Event Tue 8 Feb 2022   10:00   [More dates...] [Places]

A must-attend virtual session with information tailored to postdocs in Cambridge, whether University-based or employed by Colleges or Research Institutions.

At this event, you will be given information about:

  • Your contract
  • Professional development and the Careers Service
  • How to connect to the wider postdoc community at Cambridge
  • You will also meet representatives from various University services who may be helpful to you while you are working in Cambridge.

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Wed 20 Apr 2022 10:00 [Places]
Tue 5 Jul 2022 10:00 [Places]
Wed 14 Sep 2022 10:00 [Places]