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Librarians in Training

Librarians in Training course timetable


Sat 22 Feb – Thu 2 Apr

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February 2020

Wed 26
Librarians in Training: Using Learning Outcomes to Plan Your Teaching Session new [Places] 10:30 - 12:00 Cambridge University Library, IT Training Room

This session will explain what learning outcomes are and how you might design your teaching session according to different teaching styles e.g. Behaviourist or Constructivist. There will be an opportunity to practice planning a session and to link the content of the session to the Information Literacy Framework using the new CILN teaching template. There will be opportunities to discuss and work in small groups or pairs during the session.

Attendees should try to bring an idea for a session they have delivered, or would like to deliver, to use as an example for the session activities.

March 2020

Fri 20
Librarians in Training: Database Sharing (Cambridge Knowledge Exchange) new [Places] 10:30 - 12:00 Faculty of Divinity, Room 2

There are hundreds of databases available to us in Cambridge. How confident do you feel navigating them and recommending them to end users? For this session we have four faculty librarians who will demonstrate Scopus, ArtSTOR, Lexis and Westlaw and statistics and markets business databases. There will be plenty of time for questions.

Wed 25
Librarians in Training: ebook Purchasing Training for Librarians new [Full] 09:30 - 11:30 Cambridge University Library, IT Training Room

This course is aimed at those faculty librarians who purchase their own ebooks and those who may be interested to start purchasing their own. The course will introduce librarians to our ebook suppliers, including ebook license models, how user-friendly they are and how to identify them on the supplier platforms. We will also look at Digital Rights Management (DRM) and ebooks; what are the implications for users, and why we should try to buy DRM-free ebooks where possible. We will demonstrate searching, interpreting results and purchasing ebooks from the main vendor platforms. We will also cover what happens after the ebook order, including creating purchase orders and invoices, cataloguing, and portfolio administration within Alma.

There will be chance to ask questions throughout the session, and an accompanying ebook supplier checklist to take away.

Librarians in Training: Introduction to Cataloguing in MARC21 new [Places] 14:00 - 17:00 Cambridge University Library, IT Training Room

This course is an introduction to the core fields in MARC21, the format we use for catalogue records in Alma. It’s suitable for beginners and also for those who have done some cataloguing but want a more formal training session in MARC. We will look at MARC coding for author, title, publication information and physical description, and highlight the important elements to check in control fields.

April 2020

Thu 2
Librarians in Training: Introduction to Cataloguing in Alma new [Places] 09:30 - 12:30 Cambridge University Library, IT Training Room

This course is a short introduction to cataloguing in the Alma metadata editor. It’s suitable for beginners who have some knowledge of MARC or experience of editing holdings and items. We will look at creating records from templates, downloading records from external databases, editing information in catalogue records and practise cataloguing some novels.