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Unscheduled instructor led

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Leadership Essentials

Unscheduled instructor led


Leadership Essentials is a key programme suitable for all managers, which aims to help them refresh and build their skills and experience in managing others. As well as clarifying key responsibilities, it focuses on critical areas that managers can find more difficult, such as giving and receiving feedback effectively and handling challenging conversations. It incorporates tutor input, opportunities for discussion, reflection and sharing of good practice with other managers.

Before attending, please take some time to review the short films of other University colleagues talking about their role as a manager, Leadership Essentials: Management Responsibilities

Target audience
  • University staff with management responsibility
  • Further details regarding PPD's eligibility criteria are available here
  • to reflect on your key responsibilities as a manager and feel confident in carrying out your management role
  • to identify a range of management styles and use the one most suited to the situation
  • to identify when feedback needs to be given and to give it clearly and constructively
  • to tackle challenging conversations with confidence, ensuring, where possible, positive outcomes for all parties

One full day session

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