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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Language Centre

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CULP: Arabic Elementary 1


The Programme offers general language tuition with a focus on communicative competence.

More detailed information is available from the Language Centre.

Target audience
  • University staff and students
  • Further details regarding Language Centre eligibility criteria are available


Topics covered

The Course introduces students to the following functions and notions:

  • Talking about oneself and the family
  • one’s house and work
  • sport and leisure
  • travel
  • the culture of food preparation and eating
  • clothes
  • education
  • news and media
  • climate and environment
  • health
  • arts and cinema

By the end of the Course students will be able to:

  • Listening/Speaking: Express opinions on abstract/cultural matters in a limited way or offer advice within a known area, and understand instructions or public announcements.
  • Reading: Understand routine information and articles, and the general meaning of non-routine information within a familiar area.
  • Writing: Write letters or make notes on familiar or predictable matters.

At the Elementary 1 Level the main aims are:

  • To deepen students understanding of the complex historical and cultural background of the Arab world;
  • To further develop and refine the understanding and an appreciation of the salient linguistic features of the Modern Standard Arabic language;
  • To establish the learner as a confident language user in a wider range of every-day predictable situations as well as in situations related to study and work.
  • Presentations, practicals and online learning
System requirements
  • Raven access is required
  • Further information regarding Raven is available
  • Students Fees: £285 to be paid online. Please select ‘Concessionary’ under the course fee when you make your booking.
  • Staff Fees: £320 to be paid online. Please select ‘All charged’ under the course fee when you make your booking.
  • Links to the online store will be provided with your confirmation email.
  • Payment is required within 24 hours of your booking to secure your place.
  • Refunds available after the first lesson only.
  • Payment for the courses is made on the Online Store (CULP General Purpose courses), (Raven log in).
  • Course materials can be found on Moodle (Raven log in), once the course has started.
  • Fifteen taught sessions of two hours plus online learning
  • Three times per year (subject to demand)
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