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Theme: Engagement and Impact

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  • To inform staff of the University's environmental commitments and to give staff the knowledge they need to contribute to meeting these targets
Environmental Sustainability Induction webinar new Thu 18 Apr 2019   12:00 Finished

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  • This training session aims to give staff and students at the University who are keen to reduce their environmental impact an idea of how to measure and monitor the impact of changes they make. We’ll look at useful sources of data, review case studies of what others have done to measure their impact and communicate it to colleagues, and try out some practical exercises to work out the environmental ‘footprint’ of activities associated with energy, waste, travel and purchasing.
  • Training will be provided in two parts. Attendees can book on one or both sessions. Session 1 is the workshop. Session 2 is lunch and a drop in session

Join us for this lunchtime talk, which is part of the Environment and Energy section's Spotlight on Energy month. This event focuses on the fantastic energy research being carried out across the University; research into how we produce energy, research on how better to design buildings to use less energy and finally, research on human behaviour when it comes to energy use.

  • Speakers: Arfa Karani of the Department of Physics, Dr Ruchi Chaudhary of the Department of Engineering, Rebecca Ward of the Department of Engineering and Dr Christina Pensaco of POLIS.