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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Researcher Development Programme (RDP)

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The Engaged Researcher Online Training: Illustrate your Research


You don’t think you are creative? Think again! This course is all about discovering easily accessible methods of visual storytelling to make your research more engaging. Visualisations are key to successful research story telling (and often research processes itself). They can help engage wide audiences effectively as well as communicate research quickly and intuitively to a wide range of audiences. This course is an introduction to a variety of different approaches to visual research storytelling. Topics range from images for social media to visual abstracts for publications. The trainer is working with you personally to develop your new creative skills and to get started with your very own research visualisation.

Monday session 1: - Introduction to using and producing visualisations for your research Wednesday Session 2: - Mentoring time for questions or one-on-one advise Friday Session 3: - showcase and presentation of the produced animations

Please note that a separate training focusing on the use of animations for research story telling is being offered as part of the Engaged Researcher Online Training.

Target audience

PGR students, research and professional staff


Creative work often starts with inspiration and an inspiration board or folder can be great to get into the right mind-set. In preparation of the course it is very useful to gather all visual material that you might want to use. This can be pictures or videos from your research, or visualisations from the web that you find inspiring. Please do collect all materials in one folder or one PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to add anything you like, this can also be colours or fonts you love or creative work from others that you find interesting.


Participants in this course will - learn various techniques to use visualisations in research engagement and communication - think outside of the box to create their own ideas for visual outputs - explore how to create images for social media, publications or engagement at festivals


In preparation for the introduction training session, here is a list of few things that might be useful to have at hand: (please note, these are just a few suggestions, nothing is mandatory and we can always work with the materials you have available)

- Paper: printer paper works just fine, if you don’t have any blank paper a notebook or the backside of old invoices will do as well), post its are always useful for a quick brainstorm - Pens, pencils, ball pens, watercolour … (gather what you have!) - If you prefer working 3-dimensional get yourself some play-dough or worst case mix some flour, salt and water

Events available