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SCOPUS: Get Started (Online) new Self-taught Booking not required

This is free introductory training on using the SCOPUS abstract and citation database, created by the professional academic trainers at SCOPUS and selected for curation by UIS training staff.

You can access the training here

Use your Raven password to access the SCOPUS reference database

After some years of dominance by packages owned by the Thomson Reuters organisation, the number of options available for managing references and inserting formatted reference citations into documents has expanded considerably. This course aims to provide a basic over-view which will assist you to select one which is best suited to your scholarly interests and field of work.

Coverage of packages is not intended to be exhaustive but you should come away with a broad-brush idea of what reference management software can and can't do to assist your work and the strengths and weaknesses of some of the most common ones.

Simulink: Simulink Onramp new Self-taught Booking not required

This course is part of a suite of MathWorks online courses available to the Univeristy of Cambridge.

This is an introductory tutorial on commonly used features and workflows.

This course can be accessed here.

Statistics for the Terrified Self-taught Not bookable

Statistics for the Terrified is a common-sense basic guide to statistics, written in plain english with a minimum of mathematics (very little!). It makes statistics open to common sense. See online site Statistics for the Terrified

Access to the course contents is available on all MCS machines by following this pathway:

  • Start > Concept Stew > Statistics for the Terrified

More information and advise on statistics can be found at the University's Statistics Clinic

Support for Migration To and Use Of Exchange Online new Tue 29 Aug 2017   10:00 Finished

This course is for IT Support Staff who may support users of Exchange Online. It will describe the mechanisms for migrations from Hermes and an on-premise Exchange service. The practical exercises will cover a range of operating systems and mail clients.

Please note that this is a one day course with two sessions and a break to lunch.

Using the Parallel Computing capabilities in MATLAB allows you to take advantage of additional hardware resources that may be available either locally on your desktop or on clusters and clouds. By using more hardware, you can reduce the cycle time for your workflow and solve computationally- and data-intensive problems faster.

In this seminar, we will discuss a range of workflows available to scale MATLAB applications with minimal changes to your MATLAB code and without needing to learn any shell or scheduler programming syntax.

TechLink Community: IT Forum new Wed 25 Mar 2020   14:15 POSTPONED

University Information Services (UIS) and the TechLink coordinators are hosting an IT forum event for Lent Term. During the afternoon we'll highlight some important UIS updates from a variety of divisions and in addition, you'll hear from some external speakers of tech expertise.

TechLink Community: IT Forum Fri 29 Mar 2019   14:00 Finished

University Information Services (UIS) and the TechLink coordinators are hosting a second IT forum event. The afternoon event will cover UIS updates from the Infrastructure and DevOps Divisions and a representative from Dell.

  • 14:15-14:25: Introduction to IT Portfolios. Mark Rowland will give a brief overview of what the Portfolios are and who in the University is responsible for each element.
  • 14:25-14:55: The UIS Accessibility Working Group will update on work going on to ensure that we provide accessible services. They will highlight plans for institutions that will need to adapt to review the accessibility of their own websites and services and to write accessibility statements. There'll be a demo of screen reading technology working with inaccessible materials, and the difference that a few relatively simple updates can make to improve the experience for all.
  • 14:55-15:05: Rich Wareham from UIS DevOps will share what UIS's technology staff hope to achieve by starting a new Community of Practice following a recent unconference event.
  • 15:05-15:15: Break
  • 15:15-15:50: Phoenix Software (our Microsoft Office365 partners) will update on some of the shared Office 365 experience across the University, including how some institutions are using Mimecast, such as for GDPR compliance. - POSTPONED
  • 15:50-16:00: The recent Oxford IT Forum Conference was another excellent combination of talks and workshops, and vendor interaction. Brief highlights of the day will be provided by Ronald Haynes, along with ideas about further expanding our collaborative IT efforts with Oxford.
  • 16:00-16:30: Celebratory refreshments -This will be the final seminar of this academic year, and as usual, there will be some light refreshments to celebrate the end-of-term!
  • A presentation and workshop-style session introducing how IT works in the University of Cambridge. Covering what is expected of an IT professional working within a college, department or University institution, this session will explain what resources are available for them, including IT-specific material.
  • This induction is useful for any new (or relatively new) IT staff, or as a refresher for those who may have missed the opportunity to attend at the start of their IT role within the University.
  • The session will provide the opportunity to network with IT professionals across the University, and to meet UIS staff and Relationship Managers who are key contacts for supporting IT staff.
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