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This course is an essential component of training for new laser users, which should be backed up by practical training in departments.

The course may be suitable for users of other classes of lasers, depending on the risk, but please discuss this with your Laser Safety Officer first.

Legionella Awareness Training Thu 7 May 2020   14:00 CANCELLED

Legionella Awareness Training for supervisory and maintenance staff, facilities managers and staff, and college maintenance or safety staff.

Legionella Awareness Training (TG2) Fri 18 Sep 2020   09:30 [Places]

This is a City and Guilds accredited course which will provide delegates with a basic understanding of legionella awareness, the risks and the legal requirements under the Approved Code of Practice Legionnaires' disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems 2013.

Lifting and Manual Handling Thu 11 Jun 2020   09:30 CANCELLED

This awareness training is for all staff who are regularly involved in moving and carrying loads and setting up equipment etc. The course involves theory, video and a practical demonstration by the instructor.

Also available to deliver in departments and colleges where a more bespoke course maybe useful. See Unscheduled events for more details.

Lone Working Thu 7 Apr 2016   14:00 Finished

From fieldwork in far flung places, to lab work at weekends, to securing buildings at night, University staff and students may be working alone. Most of the time, these activities can take place without significant risk provided appropriate precautions are in place. But sometimes working alone can accentuate hazards or even introduce new hazards so the risks of lone working need thorough assessment and suitable control measures.

Lone Working (bespoke course) Unscheduled Not bookable

A general overview of the required management of Lone Working and Lone Workers within the University of Cambridge.

This training is available to departments on request. Please contact Neil Stanford for further details

Lone Working (bespoke course) Unscheduled Not bookable

A general overview of the required management of Lone Working and Lone Workers within the University of Cambridge.

This training is available to departments on request. Please contact Neil Stanford for further details

Managing Contractors Tue 18 Jun 2013   14:30 POSTPONED

The term ‘contractor’ can cover a wide range, from individual service engineers to companies involved in a major building project. Often, these people are working alongside normal departmental activities. In any client/contractor relationship, both sides have health and safety duties towards each other. If you deal with contractors as part of your work and need to know about the health and safety aspects, then this course is for you.

Managing Health and Safely in a College Environment new charged Mon 9 Nov 2015   09:30 CANCELLED

To explore how best to manage the health and safety risks associated with working in a college environment. This will include looking at best practice, examples and case studies, workshop, hand-outs and an end of course assessment.

Managing Mercury Contamination Mon 16 May 2016   14:15 CANCELLED

Mercury was used extensively in the past in all science based departments in a wide range of equipment. The course is designed to show how a risk based precautionary approach can effectively manage this legacy of the past.

Managing Safely Refresher Training Mon 4 Apr 2016   09:30 Finished

The Managing Safely training refresher course is aimed at those who completed the IOSH Managing Safely course prior to the end of February 2012.

Falls from ladders and other height access devices continue to cause injuries to people at work in the University. The new Work at Height Regulations (April 2005) have implications for the University because the emphasis has changed to any fall from any height. Anyone who uses ladders or who supervises work with ladders should attend this session.

Nanoparticle Safety Thu 5 Mar 2020   09:30 Finished

The course includes: A brief background; issues arising because of their small size and implications for safety; factors to consider whilst risk assessing work with nanoparticles; suggested control measures; some of the concerns with respect to Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTS).

Oxygen Administration Thu 17 Mar 2016   09:30 Finished

Oxygen Administration for trained University first aiders whose departments use Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) and who have medical oxygen for use in an HF incident Hydrofluoric.

Physical Education: Toolbox Talk: Hand-Arm Vibration Thu 5 Jan 2012   14:00 POSTPONED

This half hour sharply focused course is primarily aimed at frontline staff (but all welcome). The course will tell you what you must do and give practical examples and handouts.

This session will give attendees an overview of the database system used by the new company that is taking over the Statutory Inspections of Pressure Systems and Lifting Equipment. This system will be used by all departments to manage the equipment that requires these inspections.

Pressure Systems Update new Thu 20 Nov 2014   14:00 Finished

A Pressure Systems Update.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available on arrival from 1330. Please go to Mill Lane Lecture Room 7 (upstairs) for refreshments.

Pressurised Gas and Cryogens Thu 19 Mar 2020   09:30 POSTPONED

This course will cover safe storage and use of cryogens, safe use and stores of compressed gas, and aspects of oxygen depletion with respect to the above.

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Tue 6 Nov 2012   14:30 Finished

A large proportion of accidents reported to the Safety Office are slips and trips of some sort. Good housekeeping and maintenance standards can reduce the number of incidents so this session is particularly relevant to Departmental Safety Officers, Facilities Managers and area supervisors.

Principal Investigators, research group heads and supervisors have duties and responsibilities both in law and under University Policy where the health and safety of group members (and others that may be influenced by their research activities) are concerned. It is mandatory that all PIs, group heads and supervisors attend this course which will quickly inform you of what you must do to comply with the law, keep your staff and students safe and reduce the possibility of litigation, thus reducing the overall risk to the University.

In association with the East Anglian Regional Radiation Protection Service (Addenbrooke’s Hospital), the Safety Office present this two day annual course covering the core competencies for RPSs as published by the Health and Safety Executive.

Comprehensive course documentation is supplied and ample time allowed for discussion and questions on each day.

Radiation Protection Supervisors' Update Wed 27 Mar 2019   09:45 Finished

An annual update meeting for Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPSs).

Please contact Emma Clarke for further details and to book a place.

Anyone who is a first-time user of unsealed radioactive substances is expected to attend this acquaintanceship course before they begin the work. Users of radioactive substances who are new to the University should also attend. This course also acts as a refresher for experienced users and for users from other institutions or countries. There will be time for discussion and questions at the end of the session, and a self-assessment exercise of attendees’ core knowledge will be carried out.

Risk Assessment Wed 13 May 2020   09:30 CANCELLED

The course is designed to give attendees the necessary skills to carry out risk assessments.

Risk Assessment for Fieldwork new Fri 16 Mar 2018   09:30 CANCELLED

The course aims are to provide the attendees with a full understanding of how to carry out a field work risk assessment and how to adapt it for different situations using examples, hand-outs and a practical workshop.

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