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Theme: Personal Safety

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Confidence in Personal Safety and Defusing Conflict Wed 30 Jan 2013   14:30 Finished

Personal safety issues, assessing risks in the workplace and how you can minimise the likelihood of becoming a victim. For those of you doing customer-facing jobs, your actions and reactions can be vital in determining what happens next.

Lone Working Thu 7 Apr 2016   14:00 Finished

From fieldwork in far flung places, to lab work at weekends, to securing buildings at night, University staff and students may be working alone. Most of the time, these activities can take place without significant risk provided appropriate precautions are in place. But sometimes working alone can accentuate hazards or even introduce new hazards so the risks of lone working need thorough assessment and suitable control measures.

Lone Working (bespoke course) Unscheduled Not bookable

A general overview of the required management of Lone Working and Lone Workers within the University of Cambridge.

This training is available to departments on request. Please contact Neil Stanford for further details