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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Finance Training

This course is not scheduled to run.

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How to Excel - Part 3 (For Finance Staff)


The session will look at more advanced formulas and macros using the recorder and VBA tools.

The formulas covered in this course include SUMIF, COUNTIF and INDEX MATCH which will enable the user to quickly summarise data.

Macros will enable the user to automate tasks within excel. During this session, we will use the example of needing to analyse, sort, split and send data to specific email contacts. Users will be introduced to a series of macros to reduce this process to a few simple steps.

Target audience

This course is aimed at any staff in a financial role who would like to develop their spreadsheet skills beyond the basics.

If you would like a more generalised Excel course to learn from, there are many courses here provided by UIS which may suit your requirements better.


In order to confirm your booking, you will need to fulfil the following pre-requisites;

  • You are working in a finance role within the University as staff.
  • You will have either;
    • completed the previous two-session How to Excel course
    • or have similar prior Excel knowledge
  • You will be given some pre-course work to demonstrate your Excel knowledge. This is to be completed and sent to us prior to this course.
    • We normally send this a week before the course. If you would like this earlier, please do not hesitate to email us at requesting this.

If you require to book onto the pre-requisite How to Excel course you can do so here;

Only when these criteria are fulfilled can we confirm your booking.

Topics covered

Advanced Formulas



  • Why use macros?
  • Creating simple recorded macros
  • Using publically available macros
  • An introduction to reviewing and customising the code of publically available macros

One half day session


Every other month.


Events available