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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Graduate School of Life Sciences

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FOCUS GROUP: Is Entrepreneurship and Enterprise at Cambridge Working for you?


We are running a series of focus groups to gain a better understanding of the entrepreneurship and enterprise landscape at Cambridge for STEMM postgraduates. We welcome everyone to come along and share their experiences and thoughts about this subject with us. Whether you have previously gained entrepreneurship and enterprise experience or thought this is an area to build on as part of your post graduate training, your contribution to these sessions would be most valuable.

Lunch will be provided as a thank you for your time and contribution.

Target audience

STEMM postgraduate researchers


1. To gain a better understanding of what entrepreneurship and enterprise means to STEMM graduates and why students want to engage with these areas

2. How STEMM students find opportunities to engage with entrepreneurship and enterprise

3. What type of entrepreneurship and enterprise training would STEMM graduates like to see made available


Focus group


1.5 hours


3 session over April and May

Events available