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Researcher Development Programme (RDP)

Researcher Development Programme (RDP) course timetable


Tue 18 Feb – Tue 3 Mar

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Tuesday 3 March

Introduction to Research Integrity at Cambridge new Finished 14:00 - 16:00 17 Mill Lane, Seminar Room E

A thorough awareness of issues relating to research ethics and research integrity are essential to producing excellent research. This session will provide an introduction to the ethical responsibilities of researchers at the University and explore issues of good research practice, research integrity and research misconduct. It will be interactive, using case studies to better understand key ethical issues and challenges in all areas.

The course will:

  • explore the issue of research misconduct in academia and facilitate discussion of why and how it occurs
  • explain the University and national expectations around research integrity and examine how this effects researchers
  • discuss some of the challenges to the integrity of research and ask what individuals, groups and institutions can do to tackle them
  • introduce the University‚Äôs research ethics system

The course will be delivered by the Research Governance Team in the Research Strategy Office.