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Modern Slavery Act Self-taught Booking not required

The University and all its staff have a responsibility to ensure that their dealings, and the supply chains of those who we trade with, are free from any sort of modern slavery.

This online course guides you through some facts and figures relating to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking and highlights warning signs you need to be aware of.

PCI DSS Compliance Training Self-taught Bookable

In order for the University to carry out financial transactions involving the acceptance of payment cards from customers we have to comply with standards as laid down by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Council.

This short, online course will provide users with the information they need to process card receipts securely and in accordance with the PCI Security Standards.

Petty Cash Self-taught Bookable

This short online course will provide you with an overview of the way petty cash operates. This includes:

  • An overview of petty cash
  • Getting started with petty cash
  • Day-to-day use and accounting for petty cash
  • How to deal with any problems

This session covers the theory and practice of budgeting in the University, how to interpret department budget reports and understand the causes of overspends (and underspends) against budgets. The course refers closely to Chapter 3 of the Financial Procedures Manual

Note: This session does not cover the detailed budgeting and rules relating to individual research grants.

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Date Availability
Tue 17 Nov 2020 09:30 [Places]
Virtual - Cognos Introduction Mon 24 Aug 2020   10:00   [More dates...] [Places]

Cognos is a reporting tool that utilises data from CUFS to provide users with additional reports and options. This introductory course is designed for new reporters - covering everything from running a report successfully as well as a number of useful tips and shortcuts.

Note: This course is mandatory in order to attend either of the following two courses below.

What this introductory course does not do is go through in detail the outputs of each individual report. Report outputs are explained in further detail in the courses above.

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Date Availability
Tue 15 Sep 2020 10:00 [Places]
Mon 9 Nov 2020 10:00 [Places]
Wed 9 Dec 2020 10:00 [Places]
Tue 12 Jan 2021 10:00 [Places]

This course enables users to learn the basics of how the General Ledger module works, how to run online account enquiries and how to process journals.

It is run as two webinars with some pre-course reading

Webinar 1: For everyone

Webinar 2: Optional, if you are not going to be using journals it is not compulsory but may be of interest

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Date Availability
Wed 14 Oct 2020 09:30 [Places]
Mon 11 Jan 2021 09:30 [Places]
Wed 10 Mar 2021 09:30 [Places]

This course provides users the opportunity to run General Ledger reports and how to interpret them when managing departmental funds.

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Date Availability
Tue 26 Jan 2021 09:30 [Places]

This course will concentrate on how to use the Cognos reporting tool to help manage departmental research grants. These reports can be divided into three main categories:

  • Summary financial information for Projects
  • Detailed expenditure analysis
  • Management reports for Grants due to close

In this course we will not access the Grants module in CUFS.

The course material will be split across 2 webinars on consecutive days

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Date Availability
Tue 17 Nov 2020 10:00 [Places]
Tue 26 Jan 2021 10:00 [Places]
Tue 23 Mar 2021 10:00 [Places]

This course provides an overview of the Grants module in CUFS. The course will cover how you can view your projects and awards, check budgets, perform on-line queries and run some CUFS reports.

The course material will be split over 2 webinars on consecutive days

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Date Availability
Tue 15 Dec 2020 10:00 [Places]

This course will enable the participants to practice existing spreadsheet skills and develop more advanced skills within the context of UFS data. There will be the opportunity to extract data from the system and learn to manipulate, analyse and use it for reporting purposes. The course runs over two sessions and participants will need to attend both of these sessions.

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Date Availability
Tue 20 Oct 2020 09:30 [Places]
Mon 7 Dec 2020 09:30 [Places]
Wed 20 Jan 2021 09:30 [Places]
Tue 2 Mar 2021 09:30 [Places]