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Unscheduled instructor led

Provided by: Department of Physics - Health & Safety


Bookings cannot be made on this event (Event is cancelled).

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Running Activity

Unscheduled instructor led


This running session will be organised by Helen Marshall and Richard King and will appeal to runners at different levels from beginners to more experienced runners. The activities will commence with a quick briefing and words of encouragement (in the first year lab). Runners will be provided with route information and the groups will have a group lead who will ensure that everyone is encouraged and walking/jogging or running at their level..

Depending on the level of interest 3 choices are proposed as follows:

1/ A 2km (roughly 1 mile) walk/jog which is aimed at people who don’t normally go jogging. The simple aim being to complete the very achievable distance. 2/ A 4km (roughly 2 mile) jog for people who feel able to keep running but at a nice slow pace. The aim being to complete the distance without stopping. 3/ A 5km run for experienced runners.

Please indicate which option you are interested in when booking.

After the event we will all meet up for a cup of tea.

Target audience

Runners at different levels from beginners to more experienced runners. Please discuss with Richard King in advance if you have any queries


Introduction to walking/jogging/running. Promotion of wellbeing


Meeting point is room 194 the first year Teaching Lab – far east end of the Bragg building


People will need appropriate clothing and footwear to suit the activity and the weather


Booking / availability