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Instructor-led course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills

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IT Support Staff: University Data Network (UDN) & Troubleshooting Skills for First Line University IT Staff


This introductory course will provide an understanding of the University Data network (UDN), how different university institution’s networks connect to it and the networking services that the University Information Services (UIS) provide centrally.

It will cover common troubleshooting issues and provides the opportunity to discuss best practice in a range of scenarios and to use operating system utilities to diagnose problems locally at institutions. It will identify the scenarios of when a networking issue would be escalated to UIS service desk and the information to provide.

The course is largely hands on using group work and will conclude with a group quiz (just for fun!).

Target audience
  • This course is specifically targeted at new or existing Cambridge University First Line IT Service Desk staff and IT Technicians
  • Further details regarding eligibility criteria are available
  • This course is specifically targeted at new or existing Cambridge University First Line IT Service Desk staff and IT Technicians
Topics covered

The UDN topology

  • Including brief explanations of:
    • VLANs, NAT, DHCP, IP & MAC addresses, Routing & Switching

Troubleshooting Utilities

  • ping
  • tracert / traceroute
  • dns
  • ipconfig / ifconfig
  • nslookup
  • netstat
  • arp –a

Hands on troubleshooting labs

  • Basic cable and patch panel trouble shooting
  • How to approach troubleshooting an incident
  • VOIP phones & pass through cabling

You will be able to:

  • Explain how your network connects to the UDN and JANET
  • Explain why devices need both a MAC address and an IP address
  • Know the difference between switching and routing
  • Describe a range of OS utilities and free online tools for troubleshooting, and why and when they will help diagnose a given problem
  • Understand VOIP pass-through cabling
  • Demonstrate how a PC is patched into the wiring cabinet
  • Explain what the Jackdaw IP register is for and how it may help you
  • Know what information to provide to for troubleshooting purposes
  • Know what services the UIS provide to manage your own network and security

You will understand:

  • The topology of the UDN
  • The the concepts of NAT and public and private networks
  • Why subnets & VLANs are necessary
  • Useful OS fault finding utility tools
  • Approaches to successful troubleshooting
  • The services that UIS offer
  • Where to get help

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