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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Estate Management

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Behavioural Attributes Framework in Estate Management (Mixed, any grade)


Explains how the Behavioural Attributes Framework is to be used in annual SRDs within Estate Management

Target audience

All staff within EM

Topics covered

1. Behavioural Attributes Framework (BAF) 2. Use of the BAF in SRD's


To ensure Estate Management recognises excellence in the personal attributes required from its staff and can have a platform for effective personal development planning and performance management when these need development.


To ensure all of Estate Management are aware of the Behavioural Attributes Framework and how it is used. To link it to behavioural standards expected within EM and to support recognition and performance management.


Presentations, workshop and discussion


This course is mandatory for all EM staff. The sessions are designed to group similar grades and roles together so that the discussion and queries are of relevance to all.


2 hours


Events available