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Music Dissertation Skills for Part II students Wed 2 Nov 2016   14:00 Finished

An informal small group session looking at research databases, referencing skills and examples of previously submitted dissertations.

Music: Finding Music at the UL new Fri 20 Oct 2017   14:30 Finished

A session demonstrating how to find notated music at the UL using the wide range of catalogues available. This session will look at finding both printed and archival sources.

Music: Finding sheet music at the UL new Wed 22 Oct 2014   10:00 Finished

Cambridge University Library has ca. 600,000 items of sheet music (and rising!) including both printed and manuscript music. We have everything from orchestral music to popular song, manuscript film scores and medieval music. Music catalogues are among the most diverse in the university. Most music is not included on electronic catalogues and can only be found via card or sheaf catalogues, or with the help of staff. This session will provide an introduction to the music catalogues enabling you to find what you need quickly and easily.

A hands-on session exploring music databases and bibliographies available for research in Cambridge. This session offers the opportunity to focus on your own specific topic

A tour of the University Library Music Department, including a visit of our closed access materials behind the scenes. We will also give you lots of practical tips on getting the most out of the University Library Music Collections.

Music: How To Search For Pendlebury Items Wed 15 Oct 2014   10:00 Finished

This session is highly recommended for anyone new to the Pendlebury Library of Music. Even though the Newton Catalogue contains all records of items available for borrowing, limiting searches to specific media (e.g. CDs, DVDs or sheet music) can be counterintuitive. This session will demonstrate some search scenarios and also show how to recall and item which is currently on loan to someone else.

Music resources: reading lists and beyond new Wed 5 Nov 2014   10:00 Finished

We will look at different resources found on reading lists and advise on how best to locate and access these. We also go one step further and explore how to go about finding helpful additional music resources for the Music Tripos and music research.

Music: Show and Tell music display new Tue 17 Oct 2017   14:30 Finished

A display and short talk about the music collections showcasing the variety within the collections, with some of our most notable and more unusual items on display.

A guide to finding sheet music at the UL, looking at the many catalogues and resources that are available.

Music: Tour of the UL Music Department new Mon 9 Oct 2017   11:30 Finished

A tour of the University Library Music collections. A short tour principally for non-music students, but with an interest in all things musical! Open to all.

All you need to know about the music collections at the Pendlebury Library of Music and the University Library music department in a nutshell. We will be looking at: Finding your way around the Pendlebury Library catalogue, Finding sheet music at the UL and Top tips for music resources

Newspapers, past and current new Mon 17 Feb 2020   13:00 Finished

This session will cover how to find historical and current newspapers for research.

The first half will focus on searching and accessing historical newspapers. This includes referencing, copyright restrictions and finding print and digital collections.

The second part of the session will focus on searching and accessing current news, including registering for the

This session will provide an opportunity to learn about the Official Publication (OP) collections available to students and researchers in Cambridge. The first part will be an introductory talk on how to find government and official publication material in both print and electronic formats. You can also choose to stay for the second part which will run as a clinic where staff will be available to talk one-to-one about your chosen topics and how to start your literature search.

This class will focus mostly on official documents from the UK, but will also provide general guidance that can be applied to searching for international documents.

Open Science and Your Research Mon 14 Oct 2019   11:00 CANCELLED

Open Science concepts and tools have the potential to transform the current scientific system for the greater good of all, but what does it mean for you? How can you and your work benefit from the Open Science movement? Welcome to a workshop run by ORION Open Science.

This workshop will establish what Open Science is and why it is needed. There will be an overview of the main areas of Open Science: Open Access, Open Data, Public Engagement. Dr Kevin Kunzmann will share his experiences of Open Science and why he believes in the movement. In addition, there will be some practical tips on changes researchers can make towards Open Science, the potential career benefits of Open Science, and information on what resources the ORION project can provide. The session is suitable for those with very little or basic knowledge of open science.

Orientation Tour Tue 11 Dec 2018   10:30 Finished

The UL is unique: a national, legal deposit library with an amazing collection of around 8 million items - over two million of which you can browse on our open shelves. If that sounds a bit daunting, why not come on a brief orientation tour to help you find your way around? We’ll even tell you what we keep in the famous Library tower ...

Please note this tour does not cover the University's vast electronic and digital collections: to find out more about using these, please see check for courses on our timetable or ask a member of Library staff for help.

Learn how to search databases effectively, and cite references correctly using citation software. Get the most out of your literature search for your projects.

Planning effective research trips new Tue 23 May 2017   13:00 Finished

An informal brown-bag session to share tips and answer your questions on how to ensure you get maximum value from a research trip. You are welcome to bring your lunch to this session.

This session will introduce participants to the ideas of working openly and reproducibly through presenting case studies and tools to help facilitate this kind of work. From GitHub to good file naming conventions, participants will be given the opportunity to learn from other people’s failures and to be better at future-proofing their research.

While the session has a STEM focus, it is open to all University members.

This session is part of our gaming-themed Moore Methods lunchtime series of talks.

You've published your what should you do with it?

This session explores the whys and hows of sharing research - the options, the benefits and the logistics.

This optional online drop-in session is a chance for students undertaking their Preparing for Patients project to ask questions about, and gain further support in literature searching, critical appraisal and evaluation of medical research, and referencing. Those who have booked a place will be sent a link to join the online session several days before their scheduled session takes place.

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Thu 23 Apr 2020 14:00 [Places]
Fri 24 Apr 2020 14:00 [Places]
  • Where should you publish your research?
  • What publishing format should you choose?

This session looks at the things you need to consider in order to reach your audience effectively.

Publishing Your Research Effectively Thu 5 Mar 2020   10:00 Finished

This session will cover the things you need to consider in order to reach your audience effectively through publication. It will introduce how you should decide which academic journal is most appropriate for your research, including considerations such as journal rankings, publication times, fees and your own publication history. It will also cover the benefits and practicalities of using pre-print servers and registered reports.

Please bring your own internet-enabled device to this session.

Rare Books Resources for History Mon 10 Nov 2014   10:30 Finished

The UL's Rare Book collections include a range of high-quality subscribed online resources which contain a wealth of source material. This hands-on session designed specifically for History students will introduce key online rare book resources for this field. You will also learn about the print research resources available within the Rare Books department.

This session relates to early source material (pre-1900) and is not intended as an introduction to general databases and research sources. Please see the Information Skills strand of the programme for these courses.

The UL's Rare Book collections include a range of high-quality subscribed online resources which contain a wealth of source material. This hands-on session designed specifically for Language and Literature students will introduce key online rare book resources for this field. You will also learn about the print research resources available within the Rare Books department. (Please note this session relates to early source material (pre-1900) and is not a general introduction to LibrarySearch or current article databases.)

Rare Books Room: An Introduction Fri 15 Feb 2019   14:30 Finished

An introduction to the UL's Rare Books Reading Room and its collections, which include material from the first European printing presses and from the wider world up to the present day.

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