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Fri 10 Nov 2017
14:00 - 15:30

Venue: 8 Mill Lane, Lecture Room 5

Provided by: Cambridge University Libraries


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So You Think You Can Read…

Fri 10 Nov 2017


Knowing how to read academic literature can be harder than it might seem and being able to maximise your time to get through as much research as possible are key skills for any successful researcher. In this session, we will help you develop your ability to read productively so you can become a Super Reader.

Target audience

All STEM graduate students


Number of sessions: 1

# Date Time Venue Trainer
1 Fri 10 Nov 2017   14:00 - 15:30 14:00 - 15:30 8 Mill Lane, Lecture Room 5 map Isla Kuhn
  • Increased awareness of productive reading approaches
  • Development of skills relating to processing large amounts of information effectively

Presentation, discussions


1.5 hour session


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