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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Cambridge University Libraries

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Medicine: Research Data Management (for University and NHS)


There is an increasing emphasis in research on the management and sharing of data. Many funding bodies that support research undertaken at Cambridge require not only open access to any publications based on that research, but also to the data underlying it. This course will help you understand funders’ requirements for management and sharing of research data, and will provide opportunities to create your own data management plan and test out resources that will make the data management process easier.

Target audience
  • Postgraduates in Science, and Medicine in particular
  • Researchers in Science, and Medicine in particular
Topics covered
  • Data backup and exchange
  • Data organisation
  • Data sharing
  • Data management plans
  • Provide participants with more confidence in research data management
  • Help participants draft a data management plan
  • Familiarise participants with funders’ requirements regarding data management and publication of research data

Presentations, demonstrations and practicals


The Medical Library is located on the Addenbrooke’s site


One session of two hours


A number of times per term

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