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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Postdoc Academy



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How to train your P.I.


Postdoctoral Researchers are typically employed on relatively short-term contracts, and are funded by so-called 'soft money' to carry out a specific project for a PI. This creates an immediate tension. The specific project will have research objectives and deliverables that must be met to satisfy whoever is funding the work, and the PI will be assessed on whether these goals have been met. However, a postdoctoral researcher will often have their own research interests and also career objectives. A really successful postdoctoral project is one in which everyone's goals are met. The talk will cover a little about Dr Flewitt's own experience of this process from the perspective of both sides and try and draw out some general thoughts for discussion.

Target audience
  • All new University of Cambridge Postdoctoral Resarchers
  • Further details regarding OPdA's eligibility criteria are available
Topics covered
  • A brief personal background
  • Types of goals that PIs and postdocs typically have and how these map out into a Venn diagram view
  • Methods for achieving all goals
  • Discussion
  • To hear different views on what tensions can exist in meeting both a PI's and a postdoc's goals
  • To discuss what practical steps can be taken to ensure that everyone feels satisfied at the end of a project


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One session of one hour

Events available