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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Cambridge University Libraries

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Medicine: Creating Conference Posters for Your SSC (for Year 4 clinical students only)


A course to take you through conference poster design, with tips and resources to help with the content and presentation in order to ensure you communicate your research effectively. The course will cover where to source good quality, free graphics, how to include references in your poster, and advice about how best to present it at a conference. The session will NOT involve hands-on creation of a poster.

Target audience

University of Cambridge clinical students in Year 4 undertaking SSCs.


Attendees must be University of Cambridge clinical students in Year 4 currently on their SSC block.

Topics covered
  • Creating conference posters
  • Presenting conference posters

Presentations, demonstrations and practicals


One session of an hour


A number of times throughout the academic year


Events available