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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Language Centre

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Mon 15 Jun 2020

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CULP: Russian Basic 2


Course will be delivered online.

The Programme offers general language tuition with a focus on communicative competence. At basic level the focus is on every day and real-time, oral/aural communication. Each course features a functional-notional syllabus and grammar points are analysed in context.

More detailed information is available from the Language Centre.

Target audience
  • University staff and students
  • Further details regarding Language Centre eligibility criteria are available

For those who have completed (the equivalent of) Basic 1 level.

Topics covered

The course introduces students to the following functions and notions:

  • How to say hello, present oneself, to tell your origin, age and ask people relevant questions to get same information
  • to converse about work/study as well as family and languages spoken
  • to be able to describe a dwelling, give/ask for address, ask/explain who people live with
  • to talk about preferences, interests, sport, hobbies, weekend activities
  • to place orders at the bar, talk about likes, dislikes, ask people what they want to drink
  • to make a restaurant booking, read the menu, ask about the dishes, place order, talk about food, ask for the bill and ask for info re the bill
  • to talk about your work/study, the timetable and to talk about your professional past
  • to ask for directions, understand indications, traffic signs, call a taxi, explain where to go
  • to be able to read texts in a historical context, understand issues about Russian history, talk about the past in general and tell stories
  • to buy food and clothing items, inquire about prices, size, quantity and get other relevant information
  • to understand information relevant to travel, holiday and stay in hotel
  • to talk about health and fitness, describe ailments, understand instructions and discuss them.

By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Listening/Speaking: Understand basic instructions or take part in a basic factual conversation on a predictable topic.
  • Reading: Understand a set of basic notices, instructions or information.
  • Writing: Write a brief informal letter or e-mail on an every-day predictable topic.

At the Basic 2 level the main aims are:

  • To develop a basic understanding and an appreciation of the salient linguistic features;
  • To establish the learner as a fairly confident language user in a range of every-day predictable situations;
  • To introduce students to the cultural background of Russia within the context of language teaching.

Presentations, practicals and online learning

System requirements
  • Raven access is required
  • Further information regarding Raven is available
  • Students Fees: £200 to be paid online. Please select ‘Concessionary’ under the course fee when you make your booking.
  • Staff Fees: £200 to be paid online. Please select ‘All charged’ under the course fee when you make your booking.
  • Links to the online store will be provided with your confirmation email.
  • Payment is required within 24 hours of your booking to secure your place.
  • Refunds available after the first lesson only.
  • Payment for the courses is made on the Online Store (CULP General Purpose courses), (Raven log in).
  • Course materials can be found on Moodle (Raven log in), once the course has started.

Fifteen taught sessions of two hours plus online learning


Three times per year (subject to demand)

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