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CHRIS - An Introduction Thu 5 Dec 2019   09:30 Finished

This course is an introduction to the system and will cover the following topics:

  • Additional guidance relating to searches and exporting information out of CHRIS into Excel or Word
  • An overview of how personal details are recorded
  • An overview of how the system is used to record absence (sickness, maternity, paternity etc) for individuals
  • Employment details for individuals including items such as grade, salary, hours and limit of tenure
  • Costing details
  • How your department is structured on CHRIS and the posts it contains
  • A quick update on reporting

This course does not cover any training on update access.

CHRIS Electric Theme Demonstration new Thu 21 Nov 2019   13:00 Finished

The CHRIS User Interface will be changing in 2020 to a new 'Electric Theme'

This demonstration is to allow users to see this new look interface and to ask questions.

Please note, this is not intended to be a training session, training will be provided at a later date to those users that require it.

CHRIS Electric Theme Drop in Session new Tue 25 Feb 2020   14:00   [More dates...] [Places]

The iTrent Electric theme is the new user Interface for the CHRIS HR and Payroll system. While nothing has changed in the background of the database, the way we view the data and how we access the screens have. The Electric theme gives a more streamlined and responsive way to access everyday HR Tasks.

This session gives users the opportunity to log on using the new Electric User profile, view the changes and ask any questions. It is not an instructor led course.

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Date Availability
Wed 26 Feb 2020 14:00 [Places]
Tue 3 Mar 2020 14:00 [Places]
Tue 10 Mar 2020 10:00 [Places]
How to Write a CHRIS/PD33 (Job Description) new Tue 24 Sep 2013   13:30 Finished

If you are regularly required to write, or offer advice on writing, CHRIS/PD33s, either as a line manager or a departmental administrator then this course is for you.

HR Systems Demo new Wed 18 Jun 2014   14:45 Finished

These latest presentations of the Web Recruitment system will demonstrate the additional functionality being developed in Phase 3 of the Web Recruitment Project.

The demos will allow for feedback from Schools and Departmental Administrators before new functionality is introduced in July.

HR Systems Go-Live Briefing new Mon 28 Jul 2014   10:00 Finished

Release 3 of the University’s web-based recruitment system will be launched on 28 July. There will be no formal training with this release but these Go-Live briefings are available to demonstrate the new functionality. The updated system will allow staff involved in recruitment to collect additional information relating to Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship applications, purge applicant data, and record the progress of offers in a more intuitive way. It also incorporates changes prompted by the introduction of the new Screening Policy.

This course shows departmental staff how to process leavers in their department directly into CHRIS and how to enter the details of a preferred candidate of a recruitment exercise when an offer has been made to a job advertised through RAS.

RAS and Web Recruitment Upgrade Briefings new Tue 19 Feb 2019   09:30 Finished

These presentations of the RAS and Web Recruitment Systems will demonstrate additional functionality being introduced in March 2019 which will replace the CHRIS/10 New Appointment form in most cases. The sessions are aimed at: (a) anyone who processes CHRIS/10 New Appointment forms and (b) all those involved in the Web Recruitment process in institutions. They will include an overview of the change, step-by-step guidance and time for any questions.

Recruitment Administration System (RAS) Mon 16 Dec 2019   09:30 Finished

This course is for those who are new to the Recruitment Administration System (RAS) or those who wish to have a refresher.

Staff Review and Development - Go Live Briefing new Wed 4 Nov 2015   14:00 Finished

Phase 1 of the University’s SRD system will be launched on 29 September. There will be no formal training with this release, however, go-live briefings are available to demonstrate the new functionality. The updated system will allow the accurate and efficient recording of probationary and SRD review information. It will support (and reduce) the administration required to run an effective SRD scheme and to make SRD more accessible to all staff. The new system:

1. Allows the accurate and efficient recording of probationary and SRD review information; 2. Replaces the use of CHRIS for recording review outcomes; 3. Generates reminders for review activities such as face-to-face meetings; and 4. Provides (via report bursting) reports on staff who have had a review and/or are due a review.

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