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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Graduate School of Life Sciences

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The Engaged Researcher Online Training: Shooting and Editing Research Video


Why is YouTube popular? Because people love watching videos. A research video can be a great way to get your message across to your collaborators, your friends, and the wider world as well as being a condition of some funding bodies.

But it isn't easy to do well - and this is where this course will make a difference. Come along and learn the skills needed to plan, shoot & edit high quality footage for research videos so that your video can stand out from the crowd. You just need yourself, a camera phone and your enthusiasm!

Target audience

PGR students and academic and professional staff


Wear headphones or earphones at all times during VC sessions. Mute your Mic when you’re not speaking. • A fully charged smartphone with a camera and/or a digital camera capable of shooting video • Laptop (plugged in or charged) or Desktop computer • Phone’s &/or Camera’s USB cable to transfer footage • Write down the most common question you get about your research. Or a question you’d like to answer & explain using video. • Strong internet connection • Da Vinci Resolve editing software. Follow this link, scroll to the very bottom to see a link to download the free version on the left: davinciresolve/ Please check it runs OK. If it does not, try • If you have Adobe Premiere Pro, use this. • Optional but very useful: Tripod that works with smartphone, tripod for your digital camera.


Participants of this course will learn to • use a phone camera to record video • Shoot more professional video clips & photos • film themselves and present • Plan a video/film • Do more advanced video editing • upload a video online



For queries about the training

This session will take place on MS Teams. If you have trouble joining the sessions or have any queries, please do get in touch with:

Selen Etingu-Breslaw ( or Diogo Gomes Martins (


Thu 10am-11am VC Intro, Brief & Examples

1am-11.45pm	VC Planning tips	
1pm-2pm	        OT Small tasks: decide platform. Watch linked video clips (Ryd not available)	
2pm-4pm	        OT Small task: make plans for film (Ryd not available)	

Fri 10am-11am VC Shooting tips

11am                break		
11.15am-11.45	VC Shooting tips 2			
1am-4pm	        OT Shooting time. Transfer footage onto your computer (Ryd not available)	

Weekend all day OT Shooting time. Transfer footage onto your computer (Ryd not available)

Mon 10am-11am VC Video Editing

11am                break		
11.15am-11.45	VC How to export & upload	
1pm-3pm	        OT Editing (Ryd available)	
3pm-4pm	        OT Editing (Ryd not available)	

Tue 10am-12pm OT Editing/Exporting/ Uploading (Ryd not available)

       2.30pm-3.30pm	OT Editing/Exporting/ Uploading (Ryd available)	
3.30pm-4pm	VC Showcase and q&a	

Events available